It’s one of the most anticipated times of the year for us Calgarians, when we get to throw off those nasty parkas, get out our shorts and flip flops and head out to shop for fresh spring finds for the home. We bring you the definitive list of what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’ for the new season ahead:

So What’s ‘Out’ For 2017?
Well, dark granite, espresso cabinetry, and grey have had their day. They had a good run, but all were considerably dark and in a badly lit home, were drab. Homes, whether we have just moved in, or are about to move out, should be bright and inviting. We want our guests to enter a brightly lit home, not one that makes them feel like they are entering a darkened space. Dark black granite and grey walls mute the light in a home, and dark cabinets steal light, instead of reflecting light in a kitchen. You want a lot of light in your home so that it feels welcoming, cheerful in winter, full of life. Dark homes make people sleepy, and make them want to go back outside for better light. Dark homes just don’t feel very alive.

What’s In For Spring 2017?
Quartz is the hot ticket item for your home. Just as versatile as granite for counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms, it is often much brighter, catching the light and pooling it across its surface. White cabinets are huge too, and you CAN paint your cabinets in new shades of vanilla, like Benjamin Moore Cloud White, a big designer favourite. Tiles and stone too are trending in off white shades, often with hints of grey marbling, in coffee table and end table tops, or in backsplash tiles. Subway tiles are loosing steam, and the hot look is to now to have herringbone backsplash tiles.