How are you doing? I’m hoping you are keeping yourself safe and healthy.  There has been so many HUGE changes in the past month around the world. Tomorrow it will be exactly one month that the Health Minister in Alberta announced that schools and some businesses will be closed because of the covid 19. Now we have so many more businesses closed and we have been social distancing for several weeks.

People are asking me the question – How’s the market right now?

It’s day by day, hour by hour. Some of my buyer’s and sellers are telling me they want to hold off right now and I’m supporting them in their decision while I continue to communicate and keep them aware of what’s happening in the market.

And some of my clients need to buy and sell now. We are doing that with all safety protocols. Smart marketing, virtual showings, personal protection and more to get the job done safely. No Open Houses was put into effect about 3 weeks ago.

None of us fully knows what lies ahead. It is also vital that we all do our part to flatten the curve by social distancing and support our front line workers through our efforts to do so. We are all stronger together, so please stay connected, share positivity and look for solutions to challenges that we are faced with in every area of our lives.

I’m certainly proud to be Canadian. Our Government and medical professionals acted faster with social distancing than a lot of countries in the world – Europe and North / South America. There are still several US states that do not currently have this in place. Canadians can see a huge difference in the lower number of people that have not been infected and/or may be infected by this virus. It’s great to see the number of Canadian companies that have stepped up to make badly needed medical equipment for our front line workers in a short period of time. Canadian companies helping Canadians in time of need. We have to continue to stay 6 feet apart for everyone’s health in future weeks so this may end sooner than later. We will get through this.