I’m not just an award-winning Realtor® that loves working in the city she is proud to call home. I aim to be who you think of when you say, “my Realtor®.” The goal is to be the one you call for all your real estate needs because we have built a working relationship. It goes beyond buying and selling. Sometimes you need an appraisal, an idea of the value of your home so you can use it for collateral for a loan, or advice on the best part of the city for your child to rent an apartment for their first time moving out. The best Calgary Realtor® should be on speed dial for times like this, and I want to be the one you call.

About Me

My name is Christine Versnick. I moved to Calgary in 1999 where I later obtained my Realtor® license. What inspired me to become the go-to Realtor® for Calgary home listings was the terrible experience I had while trying to buy my second home in the city. I didn’t want anyone else to be disappointed by what should have been a fun and rewarding process. To keep others from having a negative home buying experience and a house with too many hidden flaws, I studied for, and obtained my license.

I want everyone browsing Calgary home listings to think of Christine Versnick as “my Realtor®.” Why? Because I’m first and foremost honest with you about what your money can buy and the condition of the home you are buying or selling. I aim to raise the bar on what the best Calgary Realtor can be. Underscoring this passion is my investment into the industry.

Before I obtained my real estate license, I was a professional photographer, and this means I bring this skill to the table. Not only do I help you list and sell your home, I am the one taking the professional photographs, allowing for one less person in your home and life during this busy, transitional time.

My desire to help everyone – from first time buyers to house flippers to estate homeowners – have a rewarding real estate experience is strong, I changed careers to make it happen! Experience the difference working with “my Realtor®” makes; the passion I have for what I do means the best possible result for you.

Contact me today for a partner on your real estate journey. I’m happy to provide references and walk you through one of the most monumental experiences of your life, while remaining professional, ethical, honest, and providing the best Calgary Realtor®service in the city.

Let’s get started

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